Robotic Welding

Eigen Steel owns an array of Robotic Pulse MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding cells, that combines the benefits of robotic automation with the unique characteristics of pulse MIG welding. Pulse MIG welding is a variation of traditional MIG welding, which uses a continuous wire feed as the electrode to create an electric arc between the workpiece and the welding gun.

In Pulse MIG welding, the power source rapidly switches between high peak current and a low background current. This pulsing action allows for better control of the weld pool and reduces heat input, minimizing the risk of distortion and burn-through. The result is a more precise and efficient welding process, especially when dealing with thinner materials or complex joint configurations.

Integrating this pulsing technology with robotic automation brings several advantages to the welding process:

Consistency and Precision:

Increased Productivity:

Complex Welding Tasks:


Cost Efficiency:

Programming Flexibility:

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